We’re a small but mighty team of experts & entrepreneurs, on a mission to build the world's most trusted growth, analytics & personalisation firm. We'd love for you to join us.

Why ikaros

We're not an agency.
We're growth experts.

Challenging & Rewarding Work

We believe in a work-place where coffee is for socialising—not for getting you through the day. For us, the only thing less motivating than no work, is boring work.

Each member of our team is  (or is trained) an expert in their chosen field—and is accountable for maintaining that. We want to drive you professionally by giving you ownership of new, challenging projects, & opportunities for you to up-skill.

Entrepreneurs at Heart

It's our job to be continuously testing, learning and developing. You'll never need to be afraid to question the status quo or to take calculated risks for the right reasons.

Ask for forgiveness, not permission. We're bold with experiments and make decisions we believe in, instead of suffering “paralysis by analysis” or trying to cut through red tape for approval. Worst case scenario—we learn something.

Transparency & Accountability

We always communicate clearly and transparently. We value being accountable for our actions to ourselves, coworkers, clients and other stakeholders.

We believe in meeting the line between being opinionated but open-minded. We have strong, data-driven opinions, but as strong as these opinions are, we always validate them against data and make sure we're ready to change our mind if the data suggests it.

Current Openings

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Where Your Head’s At

You’re looking to get your hands dirty in all things growth.

You’re looking to join a social, tight-knit team of experts.

You appreciate  sustainable growth (not just quick-wins).

You want to do & learn something new every day.

Leave it with us.

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