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Like Google Lighthouse for your growth stack

Readily Accessible

Much like anyone can understand SEO performance from a Lighthouse or SEMRush audit, ratemystack grades your growth stack in seconds.

Easily Digestible

A growth and analytics audit, once hidden behind the paywall of hiring experts or consultants, is now simple & easy to understand - for anyone.

Mightily Credible

Built by founders, growth & data experts and engineers. When it comes to stacks, we know all the pitfalls - whether startup, scaleup or corporate.

The right stack is crucial if:


Aiming to scale up your business across the entire funnel
Thinking about long-term sustainable growth (not quick-wins)
Excited to leverage your data for personalisation & experimentation
Eager to mine data gold for new growth opportunities

Your company is a


  • Early or seed stage
  • Need to grow rapidly
  • Need develop brand and validate the business through marketing
  • Sales & product experimentation
Goal: Improve top of the funnel marketing and establish a scalable, investor-ready stack from the get-go.


  • Series A/B or established scale-ups
  • Have found product-market-fit
  • Looking to unlock new revenue streams
  • Looking to skyrocket their growth
Goal: Improve performance across the whole funnel & build a robust and highly scalable stack.

Established Corporate

  • High-growth, established enterprises
  • High-growth, established enterprises
  • Looking to refine their data/growth capabilities
  • Need to elevate to the next level
Goal: Improve the middle-end of the funnel, build customer insight engine & implement personalised marketing.

Your Digital Analytics and Growth Marketing Stack Audit

A growth stack is the best-practice set of tools a company needs to grow, from infrastructure, through to analytics, marketing, sales and customer engagement. Navigating public information around growth stacks isn't particularly clear; the tech world hasn't yet decided on the preferred name or niche, ziplining between growth stack, mobile growth stack, growth marketing stack, analytics stack, data analytics stack, or simply just technology stack. In our eyes, growth stack works just fine.

If you're familiar with growth, you've probably seen some best-practice examples online, such as the Segment or Hubspot growth & analytics stack. If you aren't well-versed in growth, then it is crucial you get your information from the right place. Your own research, popular websites, internal growth staff & external consultants each come with advantages, biases and risks.

At the end of the day, the best investment you can make is education - in understanding what a growth stack is and what the capabilities you require as a company are. It is important to be weary of today's data-driven status quo. Widely popular and heavily publicised tools - think Google Analytics & Hubspot - are wonderful tools, but alone they are not enough. To truly scale ahead of your competition, you need to tag on other tools, building a robust stack that delivers deeper analytics, experimentation and personalisation capabilities.

ratemystack was built to make growth stack audits simple and accessible - by breaking it stack down into its core foundations.


Is a growth stack really that important?

When it comes to stacks, there are many pitfalls you want to avoid, whether it’s startups lacking visibility, scale-ups outgrowing their infrastructure, or corporates relying on legacy tools. No matter the size, it is always the case that a standout stack is the difference between a company that squanders its time on surface level metrics and hunches, and one that mines data gold and leverages it for new growth opportunities.

What is the rating based on?

Ratemystack rates your stack based on 5 categories: qualitative and quantitative analytics, infrastructure, customer engagement and experimentation. Within these categories are an additional 29 capabilities a best-practice stack needs, and we also rate how you stack up against these.

How does ratemystack work?

When you enter your domain, we check out what tools you’re using - assess their capabilities against our rating matrix, and calculate your scores: an overall stack score, as well as a breakdown across each category & capability.

You've missed something in my stack ???

ratemystack is still in MVP form. As you can imagine - there are a myriad of tools out there - and we're sure we've probably missed a few. Please use the contact form to send across your feedback, and we'll iron out any areas where we're missing something or where our calculations are coming out a bit off. Thank you!