Webflow CMS Bulk Editor

One of the most upvoted requests on the Webflow Wishlist forums is finally here: batch editing of items for CMS collections (which imports & maintains your references, images, and files).

Kiss goodbye to the Import functionality in Webflow Designer ...
This is your out-of-the-box, easy way to bulk edit CMS items.
Follow the prompts to import items into your collections.

This is a beta version, so use at your own discretion and risk. Due to limitations of the Webflow API, we're restricted to your plan's API rate limit—but we'll email you once the import is completed (please be patient for larger changes you push).

We do not store any data; it's deleted as soon as the import is completed.

Any bugs, feedback or questions are welcome with open arms, reach out to hello@ikaros.io. We are more than happy to run you through how to use it to optimise your day-to-day Webflow management.

Please note:
We do not make any warranty that the service will be error-free.
We are not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected with Webflow Inc.

As Easy As CSV

The Webflow CMS Bulk Editor is Perfect for you if:

You Manage Assets Externally

You manage collection assets externally e.g. Google Sheets, MS Excel, Airtable, Notion or Honeycode.

You Need to Edit Many Collections

You Need to Edit Many Collections
You want to be able to edit, duplicate, or remove some items from your collection with ease, and at scale.

You Work Across Collections

You Work Across Collections
You want to be able to create a new copy of your items to a new collection.

Simple Features, Game-Changing Workflow

Webflow OAuth

You can link our application to your Webflow account, then choose specific sites to allow and restrict access.

You can revoke access to our application at any time from the Integrations Tab in your Account Settings.

Import All Field Types

We cater to all field types: Plain Text, Rich Text, Image, Multi-image, Video Link, Link, Email, Phone, Number, Date/Time, Switch, Color, Option, File, Reference, Multi-reference.

Formatting the CSV file is even made simpler by catering to Webflow Designer's Export CSV format.

Wide Options for Import

Unlike the Import functionality in the Webflow Designer, the Webflow Bulk Editor can not only import items, but also update items and delete items if you want to sync your whole collection to your CSV file.

Overwrite Items: Enable this if you want to update items that are both in your collection and CSV file.

Delete Missing: Enable this if you want to make sure that only items in your CSV will remain in your collection.

Skip Duplicates: Enable this if you only want to add items that don't exist yet on your collection.

Maintaining Collections Isn't fun ...
Leave it to us.

Profit from 100s of hours of saved maintenance

Free all the time. No login required.

Remove items from collections not on the file

Use other fields for updating existing items


What format should my CSV be in?

We've made it easy for all users to format their CSV files by catering to the same format Webflow Designer's Import and Export functionality accepts and generates, respectively.

Important: Make sure to have your headers in line 1 of your CSV file and should match the Exact Name of the fields

What are supported data types?

The editor supports the same set of data types as the Webflow Designer. For your reference:

  • Name field — any plain text field with less than 256 characters can be mapped to this field
  • Slug field — any plain text field with less than 256 characters can be mapped to this field
  • Plain text field — any plain text values can be mapped to this field
  • Rich text field — any values can be mapped to this field. However, to import rich text, the value of this field must be in HTML code.
  • Image field — images should be added as direct URLs (links that end in an image file extension) in your CSV. Only supported image file types will be imported into your Collection.
  • Multi-Image field — multiple images could be added as direct URLs (links that end in an image file extension) in your CSV, separated by semi-colon. Only supported image file types will be imported into your Collection.
  • Video field — only YouTube or Vimeo URLs can be mapped to a video field
  • Link field — any URL can be mapped to a link field
  • Email field — only email addresses can be mapped to an email field
  • Phone field — any supported phone number format can be mapped to a phone field
  • Number field — only numbers can be mapped to this field. You won’t be able to map numbers to a number field if your values contain letters for example units (100 USD), symbols (eg. $100), or commas (10,000).
  • Date/Time field — any supported date and time formats can be mapped to this field
  • Switch field — accepts plain text format of True or False. True means switched on, False means off.
  • Color field — any value in web color format (color names, hex codes, RGBA) can be mapped to this field. Hex codes must be preceded by the pound sign (#), e.g., #4353ff.
  • Option field — any plain text format of an already existing option in the field settings.
  • File field — could be added from publicly accessible URL from your CDN or storage provider.
  • Reference field* —  you can map content that is formatted as normal text — which represents the slug of the CMS item.
  • Multi-reference fields* — you can map multiple slugs separated by semi-colon, just like multi-image field content.

Note: If you're adding new items into the collection but you don't have a Name or Slug field, we will generate a random unique ID for you. You can then sort out these items from your collection as they always start with an underscore.

* This is the default formatting from Webflow Designer's Export.

What's the difference with the built-in Import in Designer?

Our bulk editor supports a wide array of options you can enable for importing CSV files: (1) Update Duplicate Items,(2) Delete Missing Items, (3) Skip Duplicate Items. With these functionalities you can sync your whole collection from just a CSV file.

Unlike the built in designer, our editor supports file fields and can upload files from a publicly accessible URL, e.g. your CDN or any storage provider.