Finding your path to growth

We're here to be your flight navigator. We leverage data to validate our intuition, we drive sustainable improvement, and we make sure you soar just right.

Our Values

Lasting value for our clients and their customers

More value for our clients directly translates to higher success for ikaros.

We strive to work on the most important growth topics that truly move the needle. We prioritise our work ruthlessly and focus on big-ticket items. We're willing to have difficult conversations with our clients to educate them on what matters most.

We take pride in the quality of our work and the outcomes we generate, and we go to great lengths to communicate the value we create.

Strong convictions, loosely held

We clearly express our opinions, and we don’t sit on the fence if we know the answer. We’re data-driven, and we’re always prepared to revise our stance in the face of new evidence.

We’re experts in our fields, and we don’t weaken our expertise by using uncertain language such as "maybe", "could" or “might”.

Ownership mindset

We all understand and take ownership of the commercial impact of our work — for our clients and for ourselves. There is no such thing as “not my job”. If we identify tasks or responsibilities that are abandoned we make sure they get picked up by the right person.

Ownership and accountability go hand-in-hand. We take full responsibility for everything we own, whether it’s done by ourselves or our team members. We celebrate our successes, and we never hide our mistakes and failures so that everyone can learn from them.

Getting things done

We value velocity and momentum, and always aim to move quickly. It is a core value-add we bring to our clients.

We make decisions and course correct along the way, rather than agonising over every detail and trying to get it right upfront. While we love data, we avoid analysis-paralysis at all costs.

We’re firm on achieving our vision and objectives, but we remain flexible and agile on the paths to get us there.

Meet the team

Daniel Lohrmann

Managing Director

Daniel has extensive experience scaling digital businesses. Having built and led several high-performance growth teams, Daniel combines management experience with deep subject matter expertise across growth and analytics.

Outside of consulting, Daniel is a startup and growth mentor at Fishburners, runs growth and analytics classes at General Assembly and coaches the University of Technology Sydney EMBA's Strategic Design Studio.

John Aldre Jota

Head of Engineering
& Data Insights

Aldre is a highly specialised data technology practitioner. He leverages a diverse set of experiences across software development, industrial automation, and experimental design. 

Aldre has worked across a variety of industry sectors, including fintech, aviation, and education, helped modernise each organisation’s operations and introduced sustainable frameworks for data-driven decision making.

Amy Farr-Jones


Amy is an experienced growth expert, with a strong background in building and scaling consumer tech companies. With 9 years of industry experience in New York and Sydney, she consistently delivers high-impact results. Amy's structured problem-solving and growth strategies are fueled by her passion for lean methodology and high-velocity experimentation.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Media Communications and Marketing from Sydney University and actively pursues professional development through Reforge courses. Amy is dedicated to mentoring and supporting others, helping individuals navigate the startup landscape through Startmate and offering pro bono consultations to charity organisations.

Sebastian Markart


Based in Canada, Sebastian looks after ikaros' North America business. He combines deep expertise in hands-on startup operations with a hypothesis-driven, data-centric approach to business strategy, growth and business model design.

Prior to joining ikaros, Sebastian co-founded two start-ups in Australia, served as Chief Operating Officer and had a 7+ years career at The Boston Consulting Group, where he advised some of the largest corporations across Europe, Australia and North America on marketing and growth strategies, operational efficiencies and innovation.

Jellan Quitos

Backend Developer

Jellan is a seasoned software engineer with over a decade of experience specialising in developing robust web applications and server-side systems. Throughout his career, he has successfully collaborated with diverse professionals across the globe. This extensive global exposure has not only honed his technical skills but also strengthened his adaptability to varying cultural contexts, making him an effective team player.

Jellan's passion extends beyond his core work, into the spheres of renewable energy, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and robotics. He believes that these emergent technologies have the potential to reshape our future.

Gamaliel Dacayo

Data Engineer

Gama is a data technology practitioner who has experience in analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, automation and data engineering, utilising a variety of tools, software and methodologies.

Formerly an Electrical Engineer who designs and builds various Electrical Systems and Automations, Gama has incorporated his engineering and problem solving skills in the world of data.

Alex Glevsky

Frontend Developer

Alex is a Webflow Pro who specialises in building growth-oriented websites. Passionate about creating well-organised and easy-to-maintain projects, he ensures changes and feature requests can be swiftly handled within hours, not weeks.

With a background as a project manager, Alex brings a proactive approach, generating beneficial ideas for clients' success and efficiently executing tasks.

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