Finding your path to growth

We're here to be your flight navigator. We leverage data to validate our intuition, we drive sustainable improvement, and we make sure you soar just right.

Our Values

Entrepreneurs at heart

We are continuously testing, learning and developing. We question the status quo and are not afraid of taking calculated risks for the right reasons.

Opinionated but open minded

We have strong, data-driven opinions. As strong as our opinions are, we are constantly validating them against data and are ready to change our mind if the data suggests it.

No wasted resources. No surprises.

We’ve scaled successful businesses—and made painful mistakes along the way. We don’t promise the world; we share our experience and help you make calculated decisions.

Transparency and accountability.

We value quick-wins, but we understand what it takes to grow sustainably. Rather than jumping straight into paid ads, we look at what part of the funnel has the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Meet the team

Daniel Lohrmann

Managing Director

Daniel has extensive experience scaling digital businesses. Having built and led several high-performance growth teams, Daniel combines management experience with deep subject matter expertise across growth and analytics.

Outside of consulting, Daniel is a startup and growth mentor at Fishburners, runs growth and analytics classes at General Assembly and coaches the University of Technology Sydney EMBA's Strategic Design Studio.

Bilal Farooq

Head of Growth

Bilal is a veteran growth professional with over a decade of experience growing marketplaces, eCommerce and SaaS businesses in the US, UK, South Asian and ANZ markets. Bilal is passionate about all things tech and has invested in a number of health-tech and blockchain startups.

Bilal holds a Masters in Management from Stanford University and is a Fulbright scholar. He co-authored business case studies on Innovation that are taught to MBA students at the Stanford GSB.

Dan Kwarcinski

Project Leader

Dan is an experienced project manager with a track-record of high-impact results across start-ups, scale-ups & established corporates in Australia & Europe. With a focus on lean methodology and high-velocity experimentation, Dan's brings a structured & contagious approach to growth & problem-solving.

In another life, Dan was a corporate lawyer who bootstrapped a number of successful side-hustles, including an app & an events business.

John Aldre Jota

Head of Engineering
& Data Insights

Aldre is a highly specialised data technology practitioner. He leverages a diverse set of experiences across software development, industrial automation, and experimental design. 

Aldre has worked across a variety of industry sectors, including fintech, aviation, and education, helped modernise each organisation’s operations and introduced sustainable frameworks for data-driven decision making.

Jarrad Clarke

Senior Consultant

Jarrad is a digital marketing specialist, with a background in economics and marketing. Whether he's handling strategy or execution, Jarrad loves combining both analytics and qualitative data to create innovative solutions for the complex business problems facing his clients.

He previously led a team which managed $50+ million in annual digital advertising spend across a broad range of clients in the medical, technology, sports, and furniture sector.

May Tran

Associate Consultant

May is a marketing generalist who has worked on the client-side across corporates, start-ups and small businesses in Sydney and London, working with budgets between $20K to $15M per year.

From her experience across growth, product and branding, May believes knowing your customers is the basis of any good strategy. This framework inspired her to create and scale her own social-purpose-led business.