You have a solid foundation in place across your stack, with particularly strong qualitative analysis. However, your quantitative analysis, product analytics & marketing automation stack is quite limiting, which can make it hard to get the right data into the right platform. You need to make your handling data simple, and you need it all in one place. We've put together some recommendations below; updating your stack will give you more data consistency, clearer analytics & better personalisation capabilities.

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Qualitative Analysis

You're using [Lucky Orange], which is a great, popular tool for qualitative analytics. Combining this analysis with strong quantitative analysis will give you a powerful engine-room of product & marketing insights.

Quantitative Analysis

You're still working with a pretty 'classic' marketing/analytics stack using just Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. However, from our experience, this setup is quite limiting and can make it hard getting the right data into the right platforms. We'd definitely recommend checking out a customer data platform (CDP) to give you more data consistency and get more granular analytics capabilities. It will

Unfortunately a CDP isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario, and your decision depends on a number of factors. In saying that, as a starting point we'd definitely recommend checking out Segment (our personal favourite), Emarsys, Snowplow and mparticle.

If you'd like to run through best-practice CDP implementation and understand what platform is best for your business, book a free consultation with us and we'll point you in the right direction.

Product Analytics

We couldn't see any product analytics tools in your website stack, so we're assuming you're using a combination of back-end/CRM data, basic web analytics, and customer behaviour/feedback to inform your product changes.

We'd definitely recommend baking product analytics into anything you’re working on. We'd recommend market-leaders (Amplitude, Mixpanel), though these carry a price tag - particularly as your business grows. If you're budgeting, tools like [x] are your best bet.

If you'd like to run through the best way to handle product analytics and understand what platform is best for you, book a free consultation with us.

Marketing Automation

You're using Hubspot which is a great and popular tool for marketing automation. Ensuring it is enriched with customer data is the key to scaling your growth, as you can easily put together behavioural & personalised campaigns at scale through automation.

Estimated reporting clarity

The type of stack you are running is notorious for its limitations for attribution modelling. You need to be able to attribute every campaign you ever run precisely. You need to have your data clearly visible and accessible on-demand, for everyone. Whether that’s automated reports pushed to individual teams for day-to-day management, or more specific reports that they can pull on a needs basis - no matter who it is, they should be able to pull the same report and see the same KPIs as a sole set of truth. With your current stack, we suspect that there is a problem with data consolidation across your different sources/teams.

The solution is to implement a customer data platform / your own data-warehouse, from which you have a sole source of truth for all reporting / marketing efforts.