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How to nail the holy trinity of organic, sustainable growth: content, SEO & CRO.

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“You can’t say anything if you can’t tell anything”

This is the holy trinity of organic growth. A business’ content marketing strategy builds its connection with target audiences and provides a platform for discovery. Combined with effective search engine optimisation (SEO), your website will be deemed worthy by the Google gods to be listed on the first page and bring in plenty of organic traffic. With the right user experience and design, conversion rate optimization (CRO) should be optimised. Done right? Beautiful, sustainable growth. Done wrong? It's all just fancy words and acronyms, with little to show for it.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue”

Consistent brand messaging helps build a business as credible, trustworthy and reliable, engaging customers and keeping them happy across the entire journey. Content marketing serves to increase audience retention, lead generation and enhances both SEO and conversion strategies. However, content is only effective if you’re effectively and consistently speaking your target audience’s language. SEO can be tackled through multiple strategies: on-page, off-page, local etc. All of them will help your brand be more visible and competitive but many people don’t know where to start or how to effectively reach their target market. SEO should be treated as an asset: something that grows over time until you have a self-perpetuating traffic-machine (that requires some maintenance). When you do manage to gain traffic, you then need to ensure website conversion rate is optimised.

Get content, SEO & CRO right from the get-go

There are many SEO services online including SEO checkers and SEO audits that tell you how your business stacks up. Knowing what to prioritise from these checkers is not always easy, especially when you’re competing in a crowded market. For content marketing and CRO, it can be much harder to uncover why you're not converting visitors. We’ve spent thousands of hours optimising websites, designing high-converting pages and building out best-practice processes. We’ll transfer this experience to your business, analysing the entire marketing funnel to pinpoint areas of improvement and kickstart your growth trajectory.

Frequently asked questions

How long does SEO take to work

The first positive SEO impact happens within a couple weeks, but generally it is a long term game you continuously work on to deliver results. The bigger the problems are with your site (i.e. glaring issues), the bigger (and faster) the impact of fixing them. Anything beyond that is medium-long term. If your site is already set-up to some degree of SEO optimisation, it will take a bit longer to achieve results.

How do content, SEO & CRO work together?

SEO is much more technical and process-driven. Content & marketing is the more creative component. CRO ties it together by ensuring your engaged visitors actually follow through to your call to action.

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Why ikaros

We don’t just do marketing.
We deliver growth.

High-Impact Results

We’re a small but mighty team of experts & entrepreneurs. We value quick-wins, experiments and testing—but we get the importance of operationalising and automating successful tests.

We want to help you grow sustainably—rather than looking at how to spend more money on ads, we look at what element of the funnel can have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Your Navigator

Growth relies on constant testing and looking for the next edge—it is a constantly evolving landscape. We aren’t here to promise the world, recommend a few strategies, then walk away.

We’re here to find the right path for your business and support your internal team.
We’re always proactive, whether you need an advisor, or an extra pair of hands in-house to manage projects.

Broad Expertise

As a team of multi-faceted experts, we bring the skill-sets of marketers, product managers, data scientists and developers to any challenge.

Whether you’re facing a customer acquisition, retention, monetisation, product development, data, analytics or engineering issue, we'll be able to pinpoint what's holding back growth and help you fix it.


Hear it from our clients

Markus Albert, CEO at Order In
Markus Albert
Managing Director, Order In

The team at ikaros have supported us in transforming a 20 year-old family business into a growth-machine, helping deliver close to 100% new customer growth.

They helped establish a data-driven growth culture, pulling together teams across functions and bridging the gaps between our technical and business challenges.

Angie Bohlmann, Head of Marketing at Prezzee
Angie Bohlmann
Head of Marketing, Prezzee

The ikaros team have been instrumental in supporting Prezzee on our data and insights journey.

From strategic advice through to best-in-class implementation support of our analytics tools, ikaros has been a true extension of our team. Their strategic, data-driven marketing lens and a real focus on business growth truly sets them apart.

Dean Jones, Co-Founder and CEO at GlamCorner
Dean Jones
Founder & CEO, GlamCorner

Daniel and his team at ikaros are world-class digital and growth professionals. 

They are content experts in the space of SEO, PPC and customer lifecycle marketing and were able to align our marketing and engineering team’s direction with their deep understanding of both business and technical requirements.

Rhys Hobbs, UX Designer at Cabcharge
Rhys Hobbs
UX Designer, Cabcharge

ikaros very quickly built a deep understanding of our product and business and designed an initial low-cost test that proved the value of lean marketing and personalisation.

In a short timeframe, we learnt a lot more about our customers and built strong executive stakeholder buy-in to the lean marketing process.

Justus Hammer, Founder, Online Investor, and Advisor
Justus Hammer
Founder, Online Investor, and Advisor

Daniel from ikaros is one of those rare talents you only come across a couple of times in your working life. He has the skill set of a brilliant marketer, loves data and for good measure has the coding skills of a developer as well.

He gets shit done, is methodical in his approach and yet doesn't lose sight of the bigger picture.

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