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“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.” 

The reality of SEO is simple—if your content isn’t ranking well, you aren’t driving traffic and you aren’t growing as sustainably as you could be. SEO is an asset—something that grows over time until you have a self-perpetuating traffic-machine. It sounds brilliant (and it is), but getting to this point requires more than just using an SEO checker for an SEO audit / website analysis (though this is a great starting point). Navigating an SEO audit checklist or an SEO audit tool, and knowing what to prioritise is not always easy—especially when you’re competing in a crowded market. If you don’t get it right, much of your time and effort will unfortunately have been in vain. 

It’s easy to check SEO, but it’s hard to build it long-term.

The natural starting point for SEO is to review the ‘expert’ SEO hacks, insider tips, and ‘best-practice’ listicles or checklists available online. When used in conjunction with one of the tools on the market such as SEMRush, Search Console, SEOQuake or Screaming Frog, you can check your SEO score and perform a basic technical SEO audit. In the end, this will only get you so far—execution is everything. You need to derive the right action and insight from the information you're given. Plus, you need to combine it with clever keyword & backlink use, engaging content, optimal technical SEO conditions,  and onsite CRO, UX & UI optimisation. It's also important to acknowledge the long-term investment SEO requires, and avoid investing in paid traffic primarily to see a spike in revenue. That traffic stops when the spending stops, unlike SEO. If you want to achieve sustainable growth, you need to action your SEO audit effectively and work at it over time. 

Grow confidently with actionable insights & recommendations.

ikaros can run you through the common hurdles with SEO, tailoring an audit with actionable recommendations to meet your needs. We’ll advise you on:

  • On-Page / Technical SEO
  • Content / Content Strategy 
  • Off-Page SEO and Links. 
  • The business impact of different SEO strategies
  • Actionable recommendations, scored based on ICE methodology.


Can I do this myself?

Yes you can, and there are a tonne of tools like SEMRush, Search Console, SEOQuake to guide you. However, you may not necessarily be able to derive the right action and insight from the information that the tools give you. What we do is not just give you the info, but give you the insight and recommendations you need to action it effectively.

Why does it matter?

The business impact of SEO is real. It’s an asset you’re building over time. We’re talking about continuously driving traffic without having to continuously spend, unlike paid channels where traffic stops when spending stops. It is one of your tickets to long-term, sustainable growth.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

The first positive SEO impact happens within a couple weeks, but generally it is a long term game you continuously work on to deliver results. The bigger the problems are with your site (i.e. glaring issues), the bigger (and faster) the impact of fixing them. Anything beyond that is medium-long term. If your site is already set-up to some degree of SEO optimisation, it will take a bit longer to achieve results.

Are you an SEO agency

We are not an SEO specialist agency, but we have mastered SEO as one of the pillars of growth. Because of our broader strategic view, we have more business sense than specialised SEO agencies, and can tailor our recommendations towards what will make the biggest impact for your business.

What does your SEO audit look like?

Our audit covers the three main pillars of SEO: on page / technical seo, content/content strategy, and off-page seo and links. We run you through business impact and include actionable recommendations, scored based on ICE methodology.

We don't do marketing.
We deliver growth.

During our FullStory platform implementation the ikaros team was invaluable. They took the initiative to address tracking issues through GTM, set up crucial Amart Website dashboards, and collaborated seamlessly with our team, including developers and IT. Everything was extremely well documented and communicated. I highly recommend their services with the implementation of the FullStory platform.

Kayla Enter
Kayla Enter
Head of Digital
ikaros has been a great help in driving growth for one of our portfolio businesses, thanks to their deep understanding of growth strategy, analytics & experimentation.
They have the ability to reliably deliver across all stages of projects, whether validating product-market-fit from the ground-up, or scaling growth and unlock new levers.

Daniel Jarosch
Daniel Jarosch
Managing Director & Partner
The the ikaros team assumed a crucial role in driving Pearler’s growth strategy as a Fractional CGO. They played a pivotal part in shaping and implementing our product-led growth approach and worked seamlessly with our CMO and internal team. Their contributions across marketing automation, analytics, and product development have consistently made a significant impact on the business.

Nick Nicolaides
Nick Nicolaides
Co-founder and CEO
The ikaros team have been instrumental in supporting Prezzee on our data and insights journey.
From strategic advice through to best-in-class implementation support of our analytics tools, ikaros has been a true extension of our team. Their strategic, data-driven marketing lens and a real focus on business growth truly sets them apart.

Nico Riahi
Nico Riahi
Chief Commercial Officer
From day 1 ikaros have filled us with confidence that we made the right choice with them. They couple deep growth expertise and strategic advice with the ability to get things off the ground and running super quickly.
Their collaborative attitude has also made them a pleasure to work with. Big thanks to Ikaros for helping us setup the experimentation culture that every start-up needs.

Kathleen Weaver
Kathleen Weaver
ikaros has been the true description of a partner. Providing valuable advice at all times, educating our team where necessary and providing the level of engagement that truly feels like they are one of the family.
Joining us at the outset of a large acquisition, the ikaros team worked on setting up the infrastructure, monitoring and reporting and providing the recommendations that will keep giving us the digital competitive edge.

Stuart Miller
Stuart Miller
Group CEO
The team at ikaros have supported us in transforming a 20 year-old family business into a growth-machine, helping deliver close to 100% new customer growth.
They helped establish a data-driven growth culture, pulling together teams across functions and bridging the gaps between our technical and business challenges.

Markus Albert
Markus Albert
Managing Director
Daniel and his team at ikaros are world-class digital and growth professionals.
They are experts in the space of SEO, PPC, analytics and customer lifecycle marketing and were able to align our marketing and engineering team’s direction with their deep understanding of both business and technical requirements.

Dean Jones
Dean Jones
Founder & CEO
The ikaros team have been instrumental to CareerTeam's growth, defining and implementing a successful growth strategy for our business.
ikaros quickly delivered results across each stage of our customer journey and continues to do so as part of our ongoing collaboration. We couldn't be happier with them!

Josef Günthner
Josef Günthner

Why ikaros

Broad Expertise

We’re a team of experts and entrepreneurs. Together, we bring the skill-set of consultants, marketers, product managers, data scientists and developers to any challenge.

High-Impact Results

We value quick-wins, but we understand what it takes to grow sustainably. Rather than jumping into paid ads, we look at what part of the funnel has the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Candid Comms

We’ve scaled successful businesses—and made painful mistakes along the way. We don’t promise the world; we share our experience and help you make calculated decisions.

Tailored Advice

We’re trusted advisors & teachers to leaders across the globe. We don’t recycle agency tactics, we provide a tailored service from experts who have actually been in your shoes.

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